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Using Microsoft Teams to prevent Covid-19

by Dennis Ahlstedt in English, IT-Strategi, Office 365, Digitalisering

jobba online corona video mötenAvoiding handshakes, using hand sanitizers and working from home is all well and good to protect your employees and your company. But what happens when the corona virus makes it way into or near your office – forcing your workforce to stay away? How do you make sure they can stay safe and at the same time productive?

Luckily there are products out there designed to enable your workforce to collaborate and stay productive as easily from home as they would in the office. It’s called Microsoft Teams, and its part of the Office365 package.

This little app will free your workforce to communicate, collaborate and create anywhere and any time. It helps you respond to needs such as:

Where is the latest version of this spreadsheet?
Who can help fact-check my product-sheet?
How’s our inventory looking?
I need to talk to Dave, right now.

All of these and more can be alleviated with Teams. With the correct structure your workforce never have to dig for their data in emails, network-folders or their desktop. It’s in the corresponding team and available from any place you can run Teams. Be it your phone, Library-computer or just iPad at home, if you have a browser or an app you can get started.

Microsoft Teams is at the very core of the modern workplace – enabling your user to collaborate through Voice, Video and Direct-messaging. Supported by instant and structured access to the data they need either online or offline (with the help of OneDrive). A successful implementation of Microsoft teams removes the constraint of an office, freeing your workforce to use their wits, drive and passion to further your vision.

Modern Workplace in all its glory can be overwhelming at first however. How do you structure something that is so virtual? You can have so many Teams, all with Tabs, Channels,Apps and different members.

Questions like these quickly come knocking:

What teams should there be?
How many channels?
Who manages the users?
What apps should you connect?
Do we allow GIFs?

At Further we decided that Microsoft Teams and the Modern Workplace is important for our customers future, and we don’t see a point in selling our customers a products they don’t use. That’s contradictory to our mission of  “Enabling good business”. So we started offering courses in Teams – customized for each client, their situation and needs for the future.

The response we’ve had so far is amazing, and we’d love to help you get started with your digital office, modern workplace and empowered employees.

Drop us a line and we’ll help you get started, or get more information in swedish, here.

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