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Security vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer

by Niklas Bendelius in Nyheter

Last weekend, Microsoft acknowledged that all versions of Internet Explorer from version 6 onwards are affected by a major security hole. By setting up web sites with malicious code can be a perpetrator to access information, install applications or destroy information on your computer . It does not matter which version of Windows a PC

is installed when the vulnerability is located in the Internet Explorer browser.

Until Microsoft releases a bug fix for this, the general recommendation is not to use Internet Explorer. If you absolutely must use Internet Explorer, it is recommended that users uninstall Flash from your computer. Another advice is to activate a feature called Enhanced Protection Mode (EPM), who is also the counsel Microsoft provides its customers in the current situation.

The General Council is otherwise to use browsers like Chrome or Firefox as they are not affected by this problem.

Users running Windows XP should especially look for another browser when there is an imminent risk that Microsoft did not release a bug fix for this operating system when Microsoft completely stopped giving out upgrades and bug fixes to Windows XP since 8 April.

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