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Businesses must constantly consider various aspects, and IT security is one of the most important of them. Let us help you secure your IT environment!

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Increased digitisation means an increased need for IT security

Digitisation means many good opportunities for companies and organisations to make their operations more efficient. At the same time, increased digitisation entails risks, which calls for a well-developed strategy around IT security.



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Strategic IT security for companies

Investing in IT security is a necessity for all companies. Below you will see examples of how we can help your organisation with security.

IT security analysis
IT security measures
IT security training
IT policy

IT security analysis of the company's operations

All companies should start by conducting a security analysis of their IT infrastructure. In this way, you lay a good foundation for being able to make wise and good decisions for the future.

A security analysis means that an external expert examines your organisation with a focus on cyber security.

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Measures for IT security

We help you increase IT security in the organisation, minimise the risk of data breaches, optimise software for IT security (firewalls, etc.).

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Training IT security for companies

With our training in Secure IT use, we increase your users' security awareness and give them an understanding of their responsibilities and obligations in handling the company's information. The training includes, among other things, information on how to safely share the company's information, what you should pay attention to in order to protect yourself against ransomware, as well as how to identify fake senders in the event of a phishing attempt.

Your IT environment is only as secure as your users make it. Because what good are your perimeter defense when the user has left the door open?

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Development of IT policy for companies

Do as many customers and let us at Further develop your company's IT policy. In this way, you can be sure that the policy has been drawn up in accordance with current laws and regulations. We also put a lot of focus on user-friendliness, so that your IT policy becomes a living document that is followed throughout the organisation.

Having an updated IT policy in place is an absolute necessity. Let us help you produce it!

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Frequently asked questions about IT security

What is included in your training in IT security for companies?
  1. Workshop IT security: Before the training, together with your client, we go through your internal security policies, and agree how the training can be adapted to be in line with these.
  2. Technical start-up: We then configure Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) according to what we agreed at the workshop, and adapt it to support your processes and working methods
  3. Group training in IT security: The training itself is then carried out in groups of 5-10 people. Either with you, with us, or as a webinar.
  4. Secure IT use handbook: We also provide a digital handbook on secure IT use that you can supplement your IT policy with.
What is an IT security analysis?

A security analysis of your IT means that an external expert examines your organisation with a focus on cyber security.

It is important to look at both the short term and the long term. Will you switch to more cloud services in the long run? Then we also analyse the conditions for this in our security analysis of your IT.

How is an IT security analysis carried out?

An IT security analysis is mainly carried out through interviews and surveys at your workplace. Key people need to provide information about how they work today and how they see the future. A report is then compiled and presented to you as a customer. The report shows the risks we see in your business today as well as our proposals for priority areas for future digitisation with regard to possible savings potential.

What is the difference between an IT security analysis and an IT security protection analysis?

These are two concepts that are very close to each other. But the difference is that an IT security protection analysis is a type of IT security analysis that has been legislated since 2019. The reason is that in Sweden they want to ensure IT security for operations that are critical to society in the country, for example public transport. But with more and more private companies providing socially critical services, there are also more and more companies covered by the legislation.

What is included in an IT security analysis?

An IT security analysis includes several different blocks that we look at. On the one hand, we look at so-called value-creating opportunities. It's about forming an idea of which systems and solutions you use today and which are critical components in the value chain. We also have a future perspective and therefore discuss with you how you see these solutions in 2, 5 and 10 years.

The next aspect we look at is what potential there is for digitisation in the business. Perhaps there are processes today that could be made significantly more efficient if you used digital services and systems? We also investigate what obstacles there may be to taking the step and switching to digital solutions.

Another important part of the IT security analysis is to review one's own level of maturity in terms of security skills. Are the staff aware of the risks they face today? Do you take the necessary security measures needed to follow the development, in terms of the business you conduct?

Do you want help with the company's IT security?

Let us help you! With us you will find experienced IT security technicians who can help you strengthen the company's IT security.