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Are you the next super satisfied customer? The solution-focused attitude and helpfulness of Further's employees means that we always perform at the top in terms of customer satisfaction. It is only when you as a customer are satisfied that we rest. It's about valuing our relationships and standing for honesty and decent values.

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Further AB IT-company in Stockholm


Further helps you achieve increased business value with modern IT services for businesses. If you are looking for a comprehensive supplier of IT, you have found the right place. Our business areas IT operation & support, strategy & councelling and System integration & development means that we can offer IT services for companies in different growth phases.

Many customers who come to us are tired of large IT companies that do not put the customer in focus. Further is large enough to have all the skills needed to accommodate clients of various sizes. At the same time, we are not too big so that bureaucracy and the pursuit of results lead us away from our customer focus.

Further was founded in 2004 and today the Further group consists of roughly 20 employees with various experiences and skills. The head office is in Kista, but we are also in Malmö and Skopje. What we all have in common is that we all share our best values and that we value a positive culture where employees and the company grow together. It is important that all of us who work together feel proud to be part of Further AB.


A modern IT company is emerging

Niklas Bendelius Further AB grundare

2004 - Further AB is founded

Further AB starts its business.

Hanterad drift IT outsourcing

2009 - New business area

The business is broadened with managed operations (Managed Services) as one of the first suppliers in Sweden.

Further UK Ltd

2009 - Further UK Ltd is founded

In order to better support customers in and around London, a subsidiary is formed.

Further AB Kista IT företag

2012 - Further moves to Kista

Further moves to Kista where the business is still conducted today.

Nordiska länderna

2013 - New business area

The business is broadened with field technicians, with projects throughout the Nordic region.

Further Dooel

2015 - Further DOOEL is founded

New subsidiary is formed in Skopje for resourcing mainly development projects.


2017 - Amplius Field Service Group AB is founded

The field technician business is broken off into its own company.

Further Group AB

2019 - Further Group AB is founded

Further Groups is founded to better organise the different segments of the group. 


A safe choice of IT company in Stockholm

Our customers are incredibly satisfied. This does not make us any less humble, rather it spurs us on to continue delivering IT services and IT support at the highest level. Do you also want a safe IT partner who takes responsibility and keeps what they promise?


Customer satisfaction




In the industry

Further AB IT företag Stockholm Kista


Further enable good business

Further works with customers whose operations have a positive impact on the world around us. By making their success possible, our hard work improves the lives of many – their customers, their employees and society at large.

In this way, we contribute to something bigger than ourselves in every meeting, every day.

Furthers IT-services for businesses

With us, you get help to simplify the organisation's way of working, streamline your processes and increase your competitiveness. Further offers technical expertise and strategic advice in three different service areas, all with the aim of helping you as a customer achieve increased business value through modern IT services for businesses.


IT operation & IT-support

Lay the foundation for an efficient business with outsourced IT operation & IT support.


IT-strategy & IT-councelling

Increase your competitiveness and modernise the company with smart digitisation.


System integration & development

Optimera eOptimise your IT-environment, develop new IT-solutions or get your systems to work together.


Join us on our growth journey!

Do you also want to go to work with a smile in the morning? Right now, Further is looking for several talents in our various service areas.

Just as we believe in fair business, we as an employer are fair to our employees. With us, you have the opportunity to develop, in a positive culture where both employees and the company grow together. Visit our careers page for more information.

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Further's management consists of people with many years of experience in IT who, with their technical knowledge and many years of customer experience combined with passion and drive, give everything to you as a customer.

Johan Edevåg Further AB

Johan Edevåg

CEO & Sales Executive

Johan Edevåg

Has been in the IT/Telecom branch for over 30 years and has worked with management/business development of IT companies as well as complex sales, always with business benefits and technology as a basis.

Johan has held many different roles, including product manager, operations manager, business area manager, sales executive and CEO. Johan has been the CEO of Further AB since 2020.

Niklas Bendelius Further AB IT företag

Niklas Bendelius

Strategic Advisor

Niklas Bendelius

Co-founder of Further and Further group CEO. Strategic advisor and consultant with extensive experience in efficiency solutions, processes and automation.

Niklas focuses especially on IT, information systems and cyber security in the Life Science area with several assignments as IT manager for small and medium-sized Biotech companies.


“When we get to know you and your business, we can really make a difference”

Niklas Bendelius

Strategic advisor & founder, Further AB


What our customers say


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We support these organisations

Further is a great IT company and we want to work with customers whose business has a positive impact on the outside world. By enabling their success, our commitment and hard work improves the lives of many. - our customers' staff, their customers and society at large.

We also think it is important to help other organisations that make the world a better place, and we therefore support these organisations: