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Automated SharePoint document archiving

by Niklas Bendelius in English, SharePoint, Guider

Introducing a SharePoint application that allows you to set up rules for automated document archiving.
All the companies that are using SharePoint, collaborate with large amounts of documents and files. These documents can be saved in different document libraries, but a specific document library view cannot exceed 5000 files. Apart from that, it is more convenient if you implement archiving for outdated or not needed files.
If you would like to do this archiving by yourself and want to move the documents from different locations into one destination archiving document library, than you must do that manually document by document, file by file.

Save time with Automated SharePoint document archiving
That kind of manual work is very time consuming, especially if you need to move a lot of documents. To solve this we have created a SharePoint application, that can be deployed on any SharePoint site.
Here you can set up some rules for each of your libraries, and choose a time span on how long before the files are moved (the specific screenshot is just for minutes). Then the application will check the Modified Date on each document in that library and if it is a file that is modified more than a year ago, it will move it to a library called Archive. You can also add exceptions for your rules and choose which document should not to be moved at all.


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